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Subject: Shout Out To All My Subscribers, Remember To Whitelist Me


Just back from an awesome Mastermind in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and wanted to give a “shout out” to all my peeps, everyone who has subscribed at one time or another to my email list.
From the couple of days of intensive business training and networking that I was fortunate to be participating in, I learned so much, and had so much fun too! I plan to glean through all that I learned and regularly share some good content with you all! Please do whitelist my email so that you can receive and enjoy the communications I send.
The picture above is a real photo of our whole group together on the last day of the intensive. This was a group of 250 eager entrepreneurs, many surprisingly young, looking to get their business started up in the best possible way and a wonderful complement of six, seven, and eight figure earners and multimillionaires in many different endeavors come to inspire and educate.
The setting alone was surely sufficient to inspire all of us! Puerto Vallarta is a tropical paradise that I could hardly have imagined! As soon as I arrived, and got my baggage to my room, I changed out of my suddenly dreadfully warm outfit into my bathing suit and a beach cover up, slid my feet into flip flops and headed for the beach with my phone for photos. I walked in the surf and relished the salt air, the wind, and the waves lapping up on to the surface of the beach. I've always loved the ocean and could hardly wait to enjoy the comfort of the beach on a warm, sunny day, the sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, the feel of the salty wind on my skin.
Before I had even had enough, I walked back toward the hotel, stopping for a swim in one of a series of pools with a bar in the midst of the pools and the palm tree lined walkways. Then after a quick stop in the whirlpool, headed back to my room to change and wander about the luxury resort to get the lay of the land as it were.
The next few days were filled with informative and inspirational sessions, each speaker more enjoyable than the last. My biggest take away from this event overall was the importance of live events to the budding entrepreneur, particularly in the realm of internet marketing wherein it is only too easy to get stuck behind one's computer screen and separated from the real world and all the wonderful people in it.
Warm regards to you all!

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  1. Katie says:

    Thanks you, Kelsey. Appreciate your comment and hope that I can continue to provide good and interesting comment for you.

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