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June 13, 2016
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June 16, 2016
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So, now for part 2 of the Do Or Die Challenge we entrepreneurs were given in Montego Bay. You know they say that people are more afraid of public speaking than of death and I reckon I was scared just about to death.

Oh, I was doing just fine heading up to the front. But I was at the head of the line, you see. So I didn't see anyone else having their computers or notes or anything taken away from them before it happened to me. After taking my computer, the emcee was so reassuring. “All you need to do is share your three biggest take aways from this Mastermind. You don't need your computer for that. You'll be fine!”

He helped me up the couple of steps to the stage (since I don't see so well and I'm sure he didn't want me to fall), urging me forward, pushing me with his words. So there I am, all alone on the stage with a microphone in my hand, and all of those pairs of eyes staring at me expectantly.

So, here we go! First big take away from this Mastermind was “Just Do It.” Stop putting off decision making and stop putting off action taking. Stop making excuses and JUST DO IT!

Second big lesson: Just Do It Now! Imperfect action always beats no action at all. If you wait trying to learn everything and never act, no real progress will be made! In the end, it doesn't matter so much if you do it all perfectly right, only that you do it and waste no time in doing it!

Third, get a mentor, someone who has been where you want to go and do what they tell you. We all need coaches and mentors when we are trying to learn something new. Starting an encore career or starting your own business, becoming an entrepreneur, there is always a learning curve to any new venture. And yes, I have my own coaches too.

Coaches have changed my life, it's true! Believe me when I tell you that, if I can be successful in this business system, anyone can do it! More about that another day. Yes, I have an amazing back story, but one story at a time.

For now, I am looking for 4 special people who are brave enough, hungry enough, who ache for a chance to change their life, enough to “Just Do It.” Are you one of them?

You can make the decision that opens the door to a new life and you can do it right now. On the other side of the decision is all the help you need to learn a new way of living.

Come back tomorrow for a chapter of my story that just goes to prove that if I can do this, anyone can….

Let's do something wonderful together!

Katie Munch


P.S. After you watch the video and apply, write me and tell me WHY you think you are one of my four special people!  katie@katiemunch.com


973-489-6499 (serious inquiries only)

P.P.S. Got Skype? My Skype ID is katie.munch824 and you can schedule a FREE 30 minute strategy session with me at http://meetme.so/KatieMunch




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