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May 11, 2016
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May 20, 2016
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Sunset On The Pier, Montego Bay

Hey there,

I have to confess that I cannot think of any time that I have had as much fun learning as in the Diamond Mastermind in Montego Bay. First off, we learned from some real masters there! When I say masters, I mean entrepreneur superstars so real that they are delighted to share information with others about what is working for them in their businesses right now!

Also, we met lots of fellow entrepreneurs and we all had a wonderful time there beyond time in the conference room actively learning, while meeting and greeting, filming ourselves and each other, even while being filmed and having photo shoots by professionals in the idyllic setting of Montego Bay.

Here is a video I shot of me with my new friend, Almaz. Her email and my website are posted on the video. This was done with my phone camera, very simple, and much more real than reality TV! You will see that we are having a great time!

What an absolutely amazing multi generational, multi cultural experience the whole Mastermind was.

Conversations always included amazement at the setting! There really is nothing quite like learning and building your business in a beautiful tropical paradise setting, rubbing elbows with super successful business owners in all types of businesses!

Just a little peek into my world and information about advance ordering my new book, My Online Sales Machine, which is 65 content packed pages giving you the basic “how to” blueprint for getting started in your own business. Your dreams do not have to be hidden away like some secret treasure. You can make them come true and you can have everything you need to make that happen.

I can help you and I would absolutely love to!

Katie Munch

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