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May 23, 2016
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May 27, 2016

Hey there,

Today I want to encourage my entrepreneur readers who are doing or considering email marketing with a few suggestions to help you increase your email conversions.

One of the most important concepts I learned in Montego Bay is to always include a “CTA”, a Call To Action. In effect, we ask people who are interested in learning more to “raise their hand” and let us know that they are and why they think they will be a good fit with us. These individuals are our most engaged audience. They are letting us know that they are interested.

Second, include pictures or videos in your emails. Mix it up a little by changing the type of content. For example, if you are marketing “lifestyle freedom,” when you go on vacation or travel on business, take lots of pictures and/or video and share them with your list. People enjoy the opportunity to actually see the person who is writing to them, have a face to go with the name. And the photos or videos are attraction marketing. They appeal to your audience as something desirable and surprisingly, perhaps, attainable to “average” individuals, not just online gurus.

Third, create an engaging subject line, one that is personal and maybe invites them to another way to engage with you. Sometimes simpler is better and make sure that you avoid sounding promotional in your subject line. Most people have dozens of other people filling their email inbox with promotions. You need to stand out in the crowd. This is one of the more difficult skills for newcomers to learn, especially in the beginning. You could even do something as bold as prominently displaying your phone number and inviting people to call you. At least make sure that the people on your list can reach you in one or more ways: email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, or phone.

Fourth, better segment your list into groups of people who bought, or called, filled out a form, etc. and tailor your emails to each of those groups specifically to the character of the individuals in that group. For your most engaged audience, give them easier access to you which is comforting for someone who is contemplating spending or investing money with you.

Fifth, BE YOURSELF! No one else can be you as well as you! It's perfectly okay to be real, reveal your humanity, be authentic. Your audience will feel you are more approachable and that it is more possible for them to be able to copy you and find success in following your leadership.

Dolphin Kisses

Living The Laptop Lifestyle! Kissed By A Dolphin

Are you someone that has dreams that you have been stuffing down in your mind, things that you want to do but cannot because of your job, your financial situation, or other family matters?

You CAN have exciting adventures, like me being kissed by a dolphin at an excursion from our Puerto Vallarta Mastermind! You don't have to live your whole life in a box that has been created for you. You CAN design your life to realize your dreams.

Titanium Mastermind 2016 Puerto Vallarta

Sound like you? Comment on this post, email me at, or call me at 973-489-6499 and tell me “WHY” you are motivated to change your life and also WHY you think you would be a great fit to work with me.

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Awesome people, RAISE YOUR HAND by getting in touch with me,

Katie Munch

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PS If you have a dream, let it shine and light up your life!


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