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Hey there,

I was watching my 5 hens yesterday running around the yard after bolting out of the door of their pen, desperate to get out and scratch and peck in the leaves along the edges of the yard. You see, that is what they love to do ~ scratch and peck.

The thing is that they are flock birds, mostly. You see, if one hen finds something interesting, her four sisters run after her wanting some of the action if it turns out to be something special. She might just be checking something out and it might be nothing much, but the rest of her flock wants right in on it without even knowing.

I also noticed that it is usually one or two out of the five that goes off a little ways on her own, exploring. The others are convinced that where one of these two is, there must be something wonderful.

Now, with entrepreneurs just like with my 5 hens, there are also leaders and followers. Especially in the beginning it seems easier to be a follower than to strike out on your own. Exploring new ideas seems risky and following others seems safer, running after what they are doing and thinking that if it is working for them, it will work for you too! Just know that this is mostly helpful in the very beginning while you are learning the basics and this is all about learning the basics and almost nothing about who YOU ARE!

Like with most things in life, it is healthiest to find a balance between finding mentors who can “show you the way” (Yes, I have coaches too!) and becoming the very best unique person that only you can be, developing the leader in you, being willing to take on some risk for the magic of discovery. For that, you will need to strike out on your own, to develop the unique and special gifts you have that no one else out there does! Then bring that quality and those special gifts to your business and create something special and new, and authentically you.

I've found the most wonderful business system that can give you the business education foundation you need and provide you with lots of wonderful mentors to help you along the way, without putting you into a box that takes away your unique gifts.

Interested? Write me at katie@katiemunch.com and tell me why. Tell me WHY you are interested and why you would be a good fit to work with me. I can help! I can help you, not by trying to get you to do everything “my way” but by helping you, with a great foundation, to discover what you need to know to grow into doing things successfully in your own unique way!

To YOUR success!

Katie Munch



973-489-6499 (serious inquiries only!)



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