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At The Shore With The Granddaughters

Hey there,

Today is a day that we honor fathers, so my mind naturally wanders to thinking about fathers and entrepreneurs (because, being one, my mind naturally wanders to entrepreneurship every day). Happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers, fathers to be, and father figures as well! May you be honored today by those you love.

What is similar about entrepreneurs and fathers, you ask? At the most basic level, both are creators! Fathers dream of being fathers, sow their seed and, if their act is intentional, they watch over and protect their child (and ideally the mother of their child) long term, usually for life.

Entrepreneurs dream of being an entrepreneur, they sow their seed too, and then they nurture, provide for, and protect their business ventures long term, in many cases, for life.

In both cases, their “creation” may turn out a little bit different than their original dream. Just like many aspects of being a parent turns out to be a bit of a surprise, so it is with an entrepreneur and their business! But is you dream of lifestyle freedom, there's no better way!

Both are worse than and better than any dream one has of them ahead of time. Starting out is the scariest part! That is why, along with sharing the best entrepreneur's system, both start up and long term, I want to reassure you that there is lots of help for you as you begin your journey!

((CLICK HERE)) for video introducing the basic concepts which also includes an application for those of you who just can't wait to get started! You don't have to wait. You can start today, right now, and be in the members' area in a matter of minutes with contact information for a personal coach.

And I will be here for you too! There are short term and long term coaching programs for those who want or need them.

Happy Fathers Day to you Dads and Happy Entrepreneurs Day to those of you who want to get started right now!

Katie Munch


973-489-6499 (serious inquiries and questions, leave a message with a return call #)

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