Entrepreneurs See Challenges As Opportunities To Grow Lifestyle Freedom
January 9, 2017
Coming Out Of The Dark
One Entrepreneur’s Gratitude For Lifestyle Freedom And “Coming Out Of The Dark”
March 16, 2017
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This Entrepreneur's Confession is not at all my typical blog post, but a much needed attempt to speak.

For several weeks now I have felt unable to share, have fallen under a silence. I was thinking today about the suggestion to “start where you are with what you have” and so I speak. 2016 was a year of tremendous growth as an entrepreneur and as an individual.

There were invaluable lessons. Some lessons are for sharing with aspiring entrepreneurs, others deeply personal, some still in progress.

Although I have yet to be ready to share all publicly, I wanted to reach out to my peeps. Most of the past year was simply precious time with my brother, my only sibling, in the last months of his life and then helping to release him and ease his departure.

I will be eternally grateful for the location and time freedom that being a digital entrepreneur afforded me when we most needed me to be there by his side. There were many hours enjoying each other's company when he was wakeful. During the time spent simply sitting quietly with him, my laptop lifestyle made it possible for me to continue working.

The lifestyle freedom I've built as an entrepreneur now makes it possible for me to work from home rather than spending many hours away from my love and life partner, and to travel occasionally to visit my son and his young family or my own folks. These freedoms, like the time spent with my brother, are priceless.

Now I am happy to share with other entrepreneurs the secrets of success that can help them on their way.

Warm regards,

Katie Munch, Lifestyle Freedom Innovations



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