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May 1, 2016
An Encore Career Entrepreneur’s Thoughts From A Pier In Jamaica
May 5, 2016

Hey there,

So, yesterday I was sitting on my balcony overlooking a crystal clear blue pool and the awesome turquoise blue waters of Montego Bay, Jamaica. The sun is warm and relaxing. The happy sounds of children playing is drifting up through the leaves of the palm trees and there is a faint scent of flowers. I was thinking to myself, “This can't be real! It's like a dream come true to be here in this tropical paradise learning from super star internet marketers.

One of those entrepreneurs is a 29 yo from Australia, called Matt Lloyd. Matt's business system has already paid out over $59 million in commissions to his business partners (and I'M ONE OF THEM). Matt is actually co author of my new book, My Online Sales Machine, which is coming out soon.

We wrote this book to help others discover how they too can quit their jobs, and create financial freedom through their own online business.It wasn't that long ago that was really struggling and I thought to myself, why work for someone else when I can work for myself?

Then I found this amazing business system, stumbled across it online one night. If I had to put a value on this, I couldn't. Now, in this new book, Matt and I are revealing some secrets of how to get started building your very own business and creating lifestyle freedom for yourself. And this book, the one that I can not put a value on, is going to be available to you for the amazing low cost of $9.95. Everything that you need to get started is in this book. You want it!

Now, reply back to this email so we can put you on the advance order list and get one of the very first copies to come out.

Stay tuned for more of the back story to my Jamaica adventure.

Talk soon,

Katie Munch, Encore Career Entrepreneur

PS  Remember, you want to reply to this email so I can get you on the advance order list for this book!!


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