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October 26, 2016
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Katie Munch ~ Lifestyle Freedom Innovations And Meaning

2016 is now history and this Encore Career Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Freedom Innovations Expert is contemplating the meaning of 2016 and the lessons learned for 2017.

2016 was a pivotal year for me personally and professionally. In 2016 I really launched my business, searched for and found a mentor and coach, and before long saw my first four figure and five figure months. That was pretty exciting but was just about the money, and what I dreamed of building was more about meaning. Then the most meaningful advantage to the Lifestyle Freedom I had built was proven to me as I was free to be at my brother's side a large portion of his last six months, first to help him and then to release him.

Time spent with my brother, in those final months, became an almost automatic review of my values, my life's dreams, for thinking about where I find meaning in my life, and asking some big, important questions. There was lots of silence just sitting nearby while he drifted between this side and the other and there was much peace in the silence.

The valuable secrets and lessons learned are only a small part of what I am looking forward to sharing with you now that I have regained my “voice.” These lessons are now woven into the tapestry of my life and my mission and connect me with those of you out there who resonate with what you find here.

Happy 2017! No resolutions for me. I'm staying in the present moment and asking my revised primary question: Where is the meaning in the current situation? And how can I bring more love to this moment and this situation?

For the first time in my life I am doing something meaningful, not at someone else's beck and call, but completely in my own way. The labor is real, but the fruits are sweet! Time freedom is only one of the fruits of taking that leap of faith that keeps your dream in front of you all the time, the leap of faith that expresses gratitude for unknown blessings coming our way and yet acknowledges personal responsibility for the results of one's efforts.

Join us! Join a team of pathfinders, of innovators, who are creating lives of meaning, passion, and joy!

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Feel free to comment, like, follow, share. Look me up and let's connect. My mission now is to teach Lifestyle Freedom Innovation to other trailblazers who resonate with the desire to build a lifestyle of freedom and meaning, living from their passion and building the life of their dreams.

Grateful for the gifts of this present moment.

Let's do something wonderful together!

Katie Munch

Lifestyle Freedom Innovations



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