An Encore Career Entrepreneur’s Thoughts From A Pier In Jamaica
May 5, 2016
Sunset On The Pier, Montego Bay
Secrets To Starting YOUR OWN Profitable Online Business (Even If You Are Completely New To Online Marketing!)
May 6, 2016

Hey there,

Just about to retire on this sultry Jamaican evening. Our Mastermind has been one huge adventure from the very first day. SO much learning, SO much networking, SO much inspiration.

I've been on stage twice already! In front of between 60 and 100 people, once reading a blog post/email in competition for a gold bullion coin. My writing won in my group, but I didn't get that gold bullion coin yet and I've been wanting it for awhile. Today I got a chance to be on stage as a videographer for my friend and my mentor (who is also my hero) doing a small video piece, about 2 minutes.

Love blogging but have also been doing lots of video and posting it on YouTube.



Hope you enjoy it!

Warm regards,

Katie Munch

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