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March 22, 2016
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March 27, 2016

My Private Facebook Group – Katie's Encore Career Entrepreneurs

If you are interested in an encore career as an entrepreneur, you might have no idea at all where to start. I sure didn't when I got started! Here is a bonus YouTube video addressing that very dilemma that I recorded a little while back. Take a listen HERE

I've set up a private Facebook group as a place where my “peeps” can go for encouragement, tips and tricks, to ask questions and find answers, and to share with other like minded persons. My private Facebook group is by approval only. You can find us at: and request to join. You will receive a notification once your membership in the group has been approved.

I'm sending you this link, as either a follower of my blog, or a subscriber to my email list as another way to connect with you.


Katie Munch


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