Why Trying Harder Doesn’t Help, Entrepreneurs
July 2, 2016
The Entrepreneur Mind
July 12, 2016

Hey there,

Maybe everyone has a secret!

Maybe every person out there has a different secret that speaks to their condition. This was mine:

Just nearly a year ago now as my FMLA was expiring and it began to dawn on me that I was probably not going to be able to go back to my nursing career as I had been hoping, I began searching for a solution to how to make money from home on my computer.

I started with the obvious things like completing surveys from home, stuffing envelopes, etc., and checked them out. But these systems were clearly not up to my standards for an encore career.

The requirements list for my ideal opportunity was not long, but seemed somewhat challenging: I needed to be able to see better and the computer solved that since I could zoom, choose larger text, and change brightness easily and on the fly.

I wanted to work with positive people who appreciated my character strengths and highlighted them instead of criticizing my flaws and weaknesses. After all, we all have some. And I wanted to be able to help others. This is such a perfect system for that and it affords perfect location freedom and very flexible time freedom.

When I found this business system and realized the possibilities, I was stunned. There was no encouragement to recruit family and friends like many other business systems. There is one simple thing to do and more than adequate training to do that one thing!

Why trying harder doesn't work well is that it is so easy to become focused on the process instead of the desired result, obsessed with learning, afraid to try lots of different things, unable to experiment without fearfulness.

If you can focus more on what you want, being willing to do whatever it takes, you will begin to see the open doors and help that will get you there. I want to be able to truly help people have better, happier, and more meaningful lives and livelihoods.

I was a nurse for 30 years and loved it. Now I am a trailblazer on a path to success that for me will probably not look terribly different from my life right now, but will be different deep down and that difference will be part of what gives my life meaning.

Do you want a coach and mentor who lives from the heart and who cares about you and your dream?

This is what I offer that is not an every day find. I'll help you and will do that from my heart, reminding you along the way to focus on the heart of the matter for yourself too!

Warm regards,

Katie Munch



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