Full Time Income Working Part Time Or In Your Spare Time
April 7, 2016
Kate & George
Gratitude, The Best Place For Entrepreneurs To Start
April 15, 2016
Hey there friend,
I have some random thoughts about starting out as an entrepreneur to share with you this evening that I hope will be an encouragement and a practical help to my readers.
These thoughts come from my own experience starting out and some of what I have learned in these first few months. I started out about seven months ago now with not much cash flow at all and even less knowledge of affiliate marketing or internet marketing, but with lots of time on my hands, my available time limited mostly by my physical situation and the health care challenges that I faced.
I have heard many stories of people now successful in this unique business system who had previously invested lots of hard earned cash in other opportunities with not much in the way of results. This really is an unusually structured affiliate marketing company that I've found with a very generous compensation structure, as affiliate marketing companies go.
There will be many of you reading this who are in a similar financial situation to mine at the time I found this company. I was very suddenly disabled, a year ago now, after 30 years as a Cardiovascular Registered Nurse. So, at the time I got started I had very little cash flow and “lots of time,” although I was starting literally from my sickbed and am still only able to work for short periods of time scattered through the day and night.
There have been others in similar situations who have done well with not much cash flow to invest in getting their business started, and making lots of mistakes along the way even, but who were real action takers and had lots of time to take the best advantage of available “free advertising” like Facebook status updates. Understand, there is really no such thing as free advertising, since it will cost you either time, or money, or both. There are even older seniors, not computer savvy at all, who have had great success with direct mail advertising, other individuals have excelled at cold calling (certainly not my thing), etc.
However, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme and it takes a lot of faith and fortitude, and plain old fashioned hard work, to be an entrepreneur. So, if a get rich quick scheme is what you are seeking, this system is not for you. However, if you are an action taker, but are in a financially challenging situation and are doggedly determined to strike out “on your own” as an entrepreneur, it is actually possible to do so.
One thing you can do at the outset that will be immensely helpful in regards to your “mindset” or thought processes, is to get your hands on a copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you are really financially strapped, you can certainly even borrow it from a library! It is an old book, but exceedingly helpful for changing one's mindset from a poverty mentality to a wealth mentality and mindset is critical. I did this AT ONCE when I applied as an affiliate marketer in this system, because my situation reinforced every ounce of poverty mentality that I'd ever had, and I knew it was critical to change what I believed was possible for me!
That has made a tremendous difference for me, I am certain. And every week, it seems, new ways are thought up to make this company and this system even better for affiliate education and support.
 There is no simple answer to the question about “how much” money one would need to build a business. It depends on so many factors that are unique to each individual trying to do so.
One factor though that was extremely important to me about the amazing system I found was that business and financial education was something that I knew that I desperately needed, and that I was instantly aware many other people needed as well. So to be able to have access to this information and market it to others seemed just perfect to me right from the start and it has turned out to be so, even more than I realized starting out.
Just like icing on a cake though is the fact that I am having fun building a business now. Yes, there is hard work, but the rewards are large, larger than working for someone else, and about as large as you can imagine and work to bring into reality!

Warm regards,

Katie Munch

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