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So, I've been thinking about starting where you are. It sounds terribly silly, doesn't it? I mean, let's be real! Where else can you possibly start?

The thing is that most of us actually do try to start somewhere else instead. We try to start “ahead of ourselves” which inevitably leads to frustration. First we need to know where we are now, and we need to know WHO we are now.

There is something magical about this whole equation once we get it going. Seeing clearly the difference between where we are now and who we are now, while at the same time knowing and acknowledging what we truly want, where we want to go and who we want to be, creates a natural energy to help to move us toward our dreams.

The magic happens in between those two things. You see, we don't need to spell out or even understand all of the details beforehand. We can start on our journey and move forward one step at a time simply keeping our desired end result in our view on the horizon and doing our level best each day to do the next thing and then the next thing, moving forward as the way opens before us.

Clearly, I am not at all implying that there is no work involved. There is lots of work, effort, energy, courage, and persistence needed. There is also a need to keep your eyes and ears open. You need to be tuned in to see the doors that, almost magically, appear and open before you as you do your very best in each moment and invest in your own education and understanding, preparing for the realization of your dream.

For me, part of the magic is realizing that I can still fulfill my inborn desire to help others, like I was blessed to do as a Cardiovascular RN all those years. Only the details are different. The magnitude and genuine nature of that desire make it almost inevitable that I will discover more and different ways to continue to do so in a completely new area. Because the “venue” is so different, there is lots that I am learning and need to learn. It helps that I love learning and sharing what I have learned. This makes it possible and enjoyable for me to inspire, encourage, and build others up as they start out on their own journey as entrepreneurs.

So, I am grateful beyond words for this encore career, discovered almost accidentally last summer. My experiences, even my moments of struggle and self doubt, now can help me serve others, inspiring and encouraging them on their journey.

Hold on to your dreams. Don't ever let them go! Notice where you are right now, see the differences between where you are right now and where you want to be someday, and take at least one small step today toward your dreams. Do that every day, one day after the next, and enjoy the journey.


Talk soon,

Katie Munch





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