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July 5, 2016
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July 13, 2016
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Good morning, afternoon, or evening, Entrepreneurs. I'm musing today about the Entrepreneur Mind.

It may go without saying that entrepreneurs probably are unusual thinkers, most likely walk to the beat of a different drummer, and may not take kindly to being directed or “bossed around” by self appointed or company appointed authorities.

There is something else though! Entrepreneurs think about what they want, even if it is something that might be challenging for them to have or experience.

Entrepreneurs are generally self motivated, or at least expert in devising ways to motivate themselves. They may or may not be “driven” by nature. Often times it is their dreams that drive them.

Entrepreneurs are often creative and inventive, enjoying the exploration of ideas and methods, new ways to do things.

Some entrepreneurs are simply highly adaptive and responding to changes in their circumstances arising from outside their control in positive and creative ways.

I am an “encore career entrepreneur” and have come to entrepreneurship in my late mid life after decades of working in a very typical work setting to meet the expectations of managers and administrators.

Now I enjoy lifestyle freedom and hope to help lead scores of others to the delights of real freedom and the wonderful surprises of entrepreneurship and enjoying a life by design.

Sound interesting?

Let's get acquainted. I can help! Reply with the reasons that you would like to work with me and think that you would be a good fit, and I will help introduce you to a truly amazing business system with a wonderful foundation for getting started.

Warm regards,

Katie Munch




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