Coming Out Of The Dark
One Entrepreneur’s Gratitude For Lifestyle Freedom And “Coming Out Of The Dark”
March 16, 2017
Who Says You Cannot? This Encore Career Entrepreneur Says You Can! And She Can Help!
May 13, 2017

Greetings to all my encore career entrepreneur peeps. Welcome to those of you longing for lifestyle freedom (as I was only a couple of years ago) and wondering if it is only a dream.

Having just returned from a trip to my father's “old Kentucky home” to lay him to rest, I feel thoughtful and reflective. Sadness is natural and expected when a loved one goes on before us. The sense of gratitude that shines through the grief is an unexpected gift, however. I am delighting in it!

I am grateful for the lifestyle freedom I now enjoy. The past two years have been an incredible adventure! Although there has been lots of hard work and even some hard knocks along the way, it has been so worthwhile! Having a completely new encore career, taking your life in new creative directions and building a lifestyle of freedom, is very possible. Having one's own business means enjoying the freedom to arrange one's own schedule based on deeply held personal values. Having the flexibility to spend quality time with those that you love, when and where you want, is truly priceless!

One “take away” from the unexpected death of my father is the stark reminder of the brevity and uncertainty of life, the importance of speaking one's message and living one's mission!

Now I look forward to sharing with my “tribe” the lessons I've learned, the meaning and passion I'm rediscovering for my mission in this life, and the secrets of living from one's heart while building the lifestyle freedom and fulfillment we all desire and deserve.

Many blessings and a sincere wish that I may be of help to YOU!


Katie Munch

Encore Career Entrepreneur

Lifestyle Freedom Innovations

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