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The Secret Of My Success, Entrepreneurs
September 22, 2016
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World Class Entrepreneurs Are Motivated By Their Dreams
October 26, 2016
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Wanna Be Entrepreneur, what if you could escape the rat race and build Lifestyle Freedom?
Stick around and see what you can see!  You are interested for a reason…
Either you are looking to escape the rat race and build a new life, or you believe that you can have a more meaningful, fulfilling, and passionate life of freedom and possibility, even adventure!
It seems that sometimes it is less a case of resources and more a case of resourcefulness.
A year ago, I was starting from my sickbed ~ literally ~ after being abruptly disabled from my 30 year profession as a Cardiovascular RN. I had NO income at all. And I was too sick to even go to the free 2 hour Business Workshop.
Those were some dark days. But I did my homework on business systems and knew that this was the real deal! And I was totally serious about needing to be able to work from home for limited periods of time at varied times of day. I was determined!
When I was finally physically able to get to a live event, I learned that there were connections in place to help people with limited resources and big dreams. Maybe it was because I had no Plan B to fall back on that I was so determined! Sometimes that is what it takes to overcome the inertia of habit and move out of one's comfort zone.
Like I said, stick around and see what you can see, that is, if you really feel as I did, that this is an amazing opportunity.
Your Encore Career Entrepreneur,
Katie Munch
PS  Want to get extra coaching for a “quick start” to your business? I can help! Reply to this email with a short note to me including the reasons you want to explore individual coaching. Tell me about your dream life and let's explore how to make it come true for you.  –> katie@katiemunch.com

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