Sunset On The Pier, Montego Bay
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May 6, 2016
Sunset On The Pier, Montego Bay
Entrepreneur Living ~ Learning Is Fun
May 17, 2016
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Hey there,

Sincere apologies for the fact that you haven't heard from me for a couple of days. Day before yesterday, I was traveling home from an awesome Diamond Mastermind in Montego Bay, Jamaica, arriving about nine o'clock in the evening to George's waiting arms. My heart filled with gratitude because there is no place like home, and for all of the amazing information, encouragement, and actual action invested in the previous 11 nights and 10 days by so many incredible fellow entrepreneurs, building my budding small business and encore career as an entrepreneur!

The experience was absolutely priceless in so many ways and there is so much that I want to share with you all in the upcoming weeks from what I learned. But for now, let me share with you the 3 most important lessons I take home with me from the “tropical paradise framed” business Mastermind I was blessed to experience.

1st and maybe most important takeaway: JUST DO IT!

2nd takeaway: JUST DO IT NOW!! (life is all about timing and business is all about speed of implementation)

3rd (and certainly not least) takeaway: Get a mentor who is or has been where you want to go and follow their suggestions!

If one follows these 3 very important lessons, my takeaways from the business Mastermind in Montego Bay, Jamaica, that individual will go places and accomplish great things.

My first extemporaneous speech on stage in front of somewhere between 70 and 100 people at the Diamond Mastermind in Jamaica.

There almost certainly will be better videography of this (minus the fingers in front of the lens, for instance, LOL, and high definition focus with improved sound), but I just handed my camera phone to a nearby person without having any chance to explain its use. The quality was not the point, however. The point was to get my FIRST time out of the way.

You see I was on stage 3 times last week: once reading a blog post I had written, once doing videography for a friend (up close and personal), and then this occasion. I even got a small ruffle of laughter from some empathizing souls, and a couple of occasions of applause.

You'd never believe it was Jamaica, me in my thick hoodie and all. But it was bloody freezing in that conference room! Like when you walked from the conference room out through the hallway to the outside, your glasses completely fogged over and it took a couple of minutes before you could see through them again!

They say that people are more afraid of public speaking than of dying and I didn't die that day! So, I guess I will live for another try at extemporaneous speaking in front of my fellow entrepreneurs in the future. I have a great story to tell and someday, I will tell it to a large group of entrepreneurs to inspire them. THAT is just a small part of my dream!

So, here is my closing for you, my peeps:

1) JUST DO IT  (Find 1 thing you can do to take you closer to your dream)

2) JUST DO IT NOW (Not later today, not tomorrow, NOW!)

3) GET A MENTOR AND FOLLOW THEIR DIRECTIONS (I have mentors and coaches and I am a mentor and coach) If you are a wanna be encore career entrepreneur, I can help YOU.

Talk soon,


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