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March 27, 2016
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March 31, 2016

Seek First To Understand, Accept – Then Reinvent

Listen (Listening is SO important)

Accept what is! (Okay, you don't have to love it, but it really does help if you accept what is actually happening!)

Don't take things personally! (Most of the time, it really is NOT personal at all and taking it personally keeps us locked into a negative feedback loop that helps no one, especially us.)

It is really up to us to figure out who we are at our core and accept that, and then figure out how to get that message out there to the people who may be interested in who we are, what gifts we have to offer, or maybe even coming along for a journey with us.

I am really an encore career entrepreneur! I was a Cardiovascular Registered Nurse for 30 years, but I no longer can work at the dream job I last had. That is my reality. I can kick against it all I want and it will not change.

Or…. I can accept this new reality and move on. Now, mind you, I am not calling this my new normal because there is nothing normal about it! However, this IS my new reality.

It took me a long while to accept it, at least several months. Now, in fact, it has been a whole year since I last was able to work at the profession that made up a large part of my self image.

Now I am learning a whole new reality where I am being who I really am within this new reality. And who I really am still includes that magical quality that I've always had of wanting, and being able, to help others. I am still a leader. I can still listen. I can still accept what is and yet be flexible about adapting to what is. I can still participate in and build networks. I can still coach people, mentor people who want to learn to do what I'm doing, and I can still teach.

Okay! Yes, the outer circumstances look a little bit different, but the key elements are the same. Yes, I can still do all those things that I have always loved. I'm just doing them all in a new way!

Can you relate to this? Are you in a place where you need to reinvent your life, as I've done in the past year? If so, I want to introduce you to a tool that you can use to do this. In fact, this tool is one that you can warm up and learn to use before you really desperately need it! Isn't that nice?!

Let me introduce you to my friend and partner, Matt, so he can share with you about what has turned out to be the perfect vehicle FOR ME to reinvent myself. If this looks like a great vehicle for you to reinvent your career or supplement your retirement, or supplement your household income from home, I would love to be able to help you reinvent yourself too!


You can do it!

Katie Munch

PS You can schedule a Skype strategy session with me, if you are within the first 10 to respond to this call to action, at


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