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Thanks For My Ask GaryVee Book, Carolina

So, I was listening to a Gary Vee YouTube talk. I enjoy him. He's obviously VERY smart and kind of a wise guy too, and he's funny. His language is a little over the top for me, so I'll try to distill this without all the “F” words he uses when he talks and get the meat of the ideas for you.

Gary Vaynerchuk's 10 rules for success:

  1. Bet on your strengths and don't bother at all about what you are not good at. Focus on what you are good at and put all of your time, effort, energy, and concentration into that.
  2. Work, work, work.  It takes a lot of work to succeed. Sometimes you just have to work and persevere.
  3. Put business in perspective. Business does not matter much at all if someone you love is seriously ill or dies. So every once in awhile, do that little reality check. Okay, so this thing is going wrong, but would this be such a big deal, or would I even care at all about this right now, if my parent, spouse, or child was dying?
  4. Execute your ideas. Everybody has ideas, which means that having an idea doesn't matter much. Not everybody executes their idea. It's execution that matters. Execute, execute, and execute quickly. Yes, you'll make some mistakes, but execute anyway.
  5. Don't overlook storytelling. People love stories and you will get their attention with stories. Some people will follow you, or be persuaded, or buy whatever you're selling just because of great stories that move them.
  6. Care about your customers! – more heart, less head. Like delivering something very desirable in a snowstorm for a holiday. Doing that, over the top customer service thing, may not get you immediate ROI, but it may become the difference between a business getting by or taking off. People with high EQ are going to do well in the next generation of business.
  7. Stick to your DNA. Be who you are. Don't try to be someone you are not. If you can't tell who you are, find someone in your life who can tell you. And once you discover it (even if it is because someone told you about it) go right after that and do that. Concentrate on that.
  8. Do the things that matter, almost exclusively, and remember that many, many things don't matter at all.
  9. Don't make excuses! There are always excuses that could be made, but don't even go there. – And remember, lack of optimism is a HUGE obstacle. There will always be problems. Never mind. Don't get paralyzed by them. Try to look on the bright side. Try to look beyond the problems. Get on with what you need to get done.
  10. Nothing in life is free and nothing happens overnight. It takes tons of work and probably tons of talent, and once in awhile a little luck, or lucky timing. You just have to go out and keep doing it and doing it and doing it. And with a little bit of luck and tons of hard work, you'll succeed.

So, there you have them, ten rules for success. I hope that you can find something worthwhile in that for you. If you do, take it and run with it.

Talk soon,

Katie Munch

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