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Persistence And Little Tiny Baby Steps

Sometimes all the persistence one can muster is to take a few little tiny baby steps at the close of a day that has seemed very long in many ways. Don't underestimate the courage that this requires! If today is this kind of a day for you, then give yourself proper credit for extending yourself enough for those little tiny baby steps that you are able to take.

Some days are just like that and I hope to encourage you to carry on, doing even just that one simple thing that you are able to do. In spite of the temptation to just let the day slip by, barely noticed, without the exertion required to keep your chin up and your eyes facing steadfastly toward your dream, if you are brave enough to get back up on your feet and take a couple more steps toward your dream, celebrate that as the real achievement it is!

Today was like that for me, truth be told. But here I am anyway taking a few tiny baby steps forward toward my goal regardless of anything that might have seemed to be conspiring to thwart my efforts on this day.

You see, my dream is BIG and my desire is strong. My big WHY is very important, much more important than any obstacles I might face along the way.

And YOUR dream is important too. Focus on your “WHY” and on your desire. Keep your eye on the promise of your dream and never let go. Whatever has happened in the past, whatever the difficulties you have faced today, remember your dream and head steadfastly toward it.

And if we can help you on your journey, by words of encouragement, by example of persistence, by information or inspiration, we would be ever so happy.

Keep dreaming, practice persistence, and keep taking steps forward toward your dream, even if they seem like only little tiny baby steps.

Katie Munch

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